Site Context

The development site comprises an island site, surrounded by Pallion New Road to the south, the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor to the east and north, and the Queen Alexandra Bridge to the west. The site is made up of around 5.5 ha of vacant hardstanding and rough scrubland that sits between a steep embankment and area of higher ground to the south, and the wooded banks of the River Wear to the north. Until 2012, the site was occupied by buildings associated with its former use as a glass works.

Following the clearance of these buildings, the Sunderland Core Strategy and Development Plan, adopted in January 2020, included the site within the Deptford ‘Key Employment Area’.


This reflects the site’s prominent location immediately adjacent to the recently opened ‘Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor’ dual carriageway, which better links the A19 and Northern Spire bridge to Sunderland City Centre. The Transport Corridor is intended to act as a catalyst for economic growth across the city.

Site Photos